Oil Field Security

Sunset padEffectively managing security on an oil field, usually entails some very unique challenges. Oil fields typically encompass 10 square miles or more, with multiple access points. Typically have millions of dollars of equipment and other resources on the ground, and if that’s not enough, 100’s of vehicles and personnel passing through on a daily basis. Having an effective security presence on the ground is a must.

At Grand Valley Security, we have extensive experience serving the energy industry. We know what it takes to effectively manage the security of large oil fields and other energy industry assets.

Our security guards are specifically trained to meet the needs of the modern energy industry. Use of electronic systems to track all vehicles and personnel accessing the property, provides us with real-time data on just about everything happening on site.

All of our security officers have been through extensive security training, and represent themselves with the utmost of professionalism. All security officers have also passed all GVS mandated background checks and drug testing.

We can handle your oil field security needs whether you are in Grand Junction, Rifle, Parachute, or elsewhere in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah or North Dakota.

To discuss your needs further, please contact Bob Prescott at (970) 260-4893.