mine_collage_AutoCollage_7_ImagesMine Security

Safety and security at a mining operation must be considered top priorities.  Safety and security are intertwined at any mine and must work in unison in order for either to be fully effective.  A failure of either, can bring the entire site to a grinding halt and can have a catastrophic effect not only on peoples lives, but also the companies bottom line.

Grand Valley Security can help you make your mining site safe and secure.  We train our security officers in surface security specifically for mining industry. All of our security personnel have completed the MSHA surface training.

2530797_96494a68We have the man power and equipment to preform any security needs you may have. Our staff learns and adapts quickly to your specific processes and procedures.  We will also work with you to create new processes if necessary to improve safety and security.

Please call Bob at 970-260-4893 for any inquires you may have.