Industrial Site Security

Ensuring safety and security in any industrial setting is crucial, and this is particularly true for mining and oil field operations. These sites are home to high-risk activities and have significant assets that require protection. Effective security measures can prevent accidents and theft, minimize financial loss, and protect personnel from harm.

Grand Valley Security offers specialized security services to meet the unique needs of mining and oil field operations. Our security officers are extensively trained in surface security and have completed the MSHA surface training for mining operations. They are also trained to manage the security of large oil fields and other energy industry assets.

We understand the unique challenges that come with managing security in these industrial settings. Our security guards are equipped with electronic tracking systems that provide real-time data on personnel and vehicle movements within the site. Additionally, they adapt quickly to the specific processes and procedures of your site to improve safety and security.

At Grand Valley Security, we prioritize professionalism and safety. All of our security officers have undergone extensive security training and passed our mandated background checks and drug testing. With our experience and commitment to safety, we can help you make your industrial site safe and secure.


Grand Valley Security