Church Security


Church security can be one the most over looked security needs of all. Few people realize there is at least one incident, in a church or place of worship, every day in America. Most of the time we do not hear about this in the main street press but it is a fact nevertheless.

Churches that have a congregation of less than 250 are at the highest risk. They believe that they are too small and do not need security or simply do not have the funds. For this reason they fall prey, and many times the congregation does not realize what is happening until it is too late.

We can help your church build a security program one step at a time, and show you how to protect your congregation for less expense than you may realize.   With each step you will closer to a secure organization, and protecting those who matter most.

Robert Prescott is certified by National Organization of Church Safety and Security Management. Robert can help with the steps you need to form a reliable security team for your church.