Business Security

Guard and buildingGrand Valley Security provides a source of proactive Security for all types of businesses. If you have a break in of your property and you have only a video, you have a photo of someone you may or may not know. At that point, you still have to find the person and the damage has already been done. It is the same with the police after a crime is committed. They arrive and compile evidence, and then they have to find the person as well.

Both are examples of reactive security. Having a Grand Valley Security guard on site at random times, or on post, provides you with an active security element. Simply having an officer on site provides a deterrent and a set of eyes and ears outside of video or alarms. All of our officers have a direct line of communication with the police department and will testify in court as to events.

Many types of business rely on Grand Valley Security for their security needs. Such businesses include Hospice Palliative care of Western Colorado, Bray Property Management, Hilltop and Red lobster just to name a few. These business take proactive steps to protect their customers, employees and property.

Give Bob a call at 970-260-4893.  He can answer any question you may have on how to make your company proactive.